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A person with the intelligence of a deity, the strength of an ox, and a psionic capability of a mind flayer. They are far superior to everyone around them and deserve to be treated with respect.
Hell there Lochlann, my lord and savior
by cool i guess June 08, 2018
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Lochlann Is a cute boy with perfect blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, he is extremely thoughtful and romantic. He will be willing to eat any food you offer him... Especially flakes. He melts your heart.
Person: Dinosaurs are kinda cute...
Lochlann: Yeah, they are true beauties of this world.
Person: Mhm..
Lochlann: Just like you.
by xox.Demii.xox May 29, 2018
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a ginger from scotland , who usually is a little strange and is involvded with nudity and money.
far out , if you go out with that golddigger you will look like a lochlann
by dancedance January 25, 2009
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