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A name that means 'Wanderer', there is only one person throughout all of America that has this name, and there has not been any people named Lobbelle recorded in the past.
Lobbelle is a libra, and is very artistic and kind. She feels that her name is too long and therefore others just call her 'Lobby'.
It is odd that her name contains the word 'Lob', as in Lob or Lobster, as this is a creature that lives under the sea or means of throwing something.
Lobbelle is a extremely unique name, and it only has an approximate definition. No exact definition for this name has been discovered yet.
Friend: Hey Lobbelle!
Saria: Oh, she prefers to be called Lobby.
Lobbelle: - wearing shades - Yep.
by Lobbelle Candle April 09, 2012
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