(pronounced low-rod) Means Left or Right or Death. A game usually played by two or more males in a group while in a public place. One player must spot a group of females and say "LoRoD" and then the other players select which female they would prefer to copulate with. if there are no suitable candidates for copulation, (ex: males, elderly women, inanimate objects, etc.) the player may choose death. In the event of there being 3 or more females, players must select certain areas such as 'middle left'. In the event that all of the women in the group meet a players criteria , they may say 'all (number in the group)' (ex: All 3!) But if one or more females fail to fall in the players criteria, they may say 'all (number) except (postition or positions)' (ex: All 5 except middle) LoRod is a game that has no winners or losers. when used correctly, it is a non-discriminatory game mostly used by males who follow the Bro Code either to pass time or keep themselves entertained while traveling on foot through populated places. in the rare occation that no one in the group in question falls under the players criteria, but are not in the death criteria either the player may simpily say 'nah'.
Alex: Alright those 5 girls across the street. LoRoD.

Auster: Left.

Jacob: Right.

Collin: Middle.

Chris: Middle Right.

Alex: All five of them except middle left.

All to Alex: Good Call!
by halfamunky January 15, 2010
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