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A) also known as the city of Elizabeth; A town where local elevator enthusiasts from New York and New Jersey near New York City come to film nice, lower-rising elevators (typically under 15 stories tall) including the HornrtDisc elevator in the Embassy Suites. Or they can go shopping in Jersey Garden Mall in the southern part of town with a nice view of New York City from the food court window.

B) a place where smart students who aced their high school chemistry, biology, or ludicrously hard AP Calculus course attend college to have their brains riddled with the most genius tricks and riddles of math and science in the book, and then magically graduate from university with a 16.666666667 GPA and become the ruling kings and governors, governing the town, and taking over the thrown of the current governor

C) a place Staten Islanders will pass through EVERY TIME they leave New York City through Staten Island.

D) a place Staten Islanders will visit when they go to Newark Airport to get the heck away from New York City

E) a shuttle reserve to Secaucus, Atlantic City, and Hartford. Also called the Elizabeth Shuttle Town.
My frirnd and I are going to film some elevators in LizzyTown including the HornrtDisc.
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by MagicalLift256 June 26, 2018
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