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Difficult to explain without a video clip, a Lizard Neck is a male or female who tends to turn their head to look at something and can snap back in a split second. These are those people you catch staring in the corner of your eye, then as soon as you look up they snap their head away from you as if they weren't looking. You would think that their neck would strain from it but they are adjusted to the cause. Everybody has had their share of Lizard Neck moments but some of us have adapted to it.
Jackie: That boy Damon is a Lizard Neck! He keeps lookin at me, then snappin' away when I look back!

Jasmine: I got one of those in the front of my class.
by Mr. Rugby February 02, 2012
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noun liz-erd nek A condition similar in nature to batwing, occurs on a hot day or during a workout, may also result from the presence of post cloital fluids; defined as the cock sticking to the ballsack as though it were glued, taped or velcroed down. Most often requires a manual adjustment or in sever cases the application of any various over the counter anti-friction powders. The state of Lizard-Neck is not permanent (unless superglued by a vengeful ex) and only effects males.
This muggy weather is giving me the worst Lizard-Neck!

I've got to take care of this Lizard-Neck-SKKRREEECCCCHHHHH- ah that's better.
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by Narf December 01, 2017
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