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(noun) A person who sits on the front porch and intimidates, says negative things, or otherwise makes things unpleasant for those nearby.
The boys walked past the house of old man Thompson, the neighborhood porch dick, who always assumed they were up to no good.
by bigweaseldaddy March 08, 2015
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Me: Aye you see little meow meow?

BFF: No who’s that

Me: We can’t be friends now.
by Littlemeowmeowonmydick September 25, 2018
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HyunJin (Hangul: 현진) is the second revealed member of LOONA and a member of its first sub-unit, LOONA 1/3 . She was born as Kim Hyun-Jin on November 15, 2000 in Sillim, Gwanak District, Seoul, South Korea. In the group, she's represented by a cat and the color yellow. In LOONA 1/3, she is associated with the location “Tokyo, Japan”.

Hyunjin my little meow meow
“But yoon-“ *gunshot*
by Heejin’s gf July 19, 2021
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Used to refer to Kim Hyunjin of LOONA. Hyunjin’s representative animal is a cat and resembles a cat, often saying ‘aeong’. The phrase is used throughout stan twitter.
speaker 1: ‘hey you know that one aeong girl from loona?’
speaker 2: ‘yeah that’s hyunjin my little meow meow
via giphy
by istanthestand July 18, 2021
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little meow meow is a nickname used for loona’s hyunjin
person 1: “awww my little meow meow
person 2: “who’s little meow meow”
person 3: “that’s hyunjin!”
by lcmlvr July 19, 2021
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“little meow meow” is a nickname given to LOONA’s hyunjin during the 210704 orbit ring.

hyunjin resembles cat-like features and is usually compared to a cat, hence the nickname. (her solo mv even has a cat man dude thing..)
little meow meow is for kim hyunjin and kim hyunjin ONLY!
"hi orbit! im hyunjin, im kim cat, im little meow meow. nice to meet you, i miss you…” -hyunjin
by beomchuu July 22, 2021
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