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An astonishing, unimaginable creature of sorts which embodies everything that is sexy and all things of which is considered desirable, pleasurable, and sexual... She encompasses all...this unique being with a intoxicating candy sweet skin, full-lips, curvaceous hips, long smooth legs, entrancing silky warm voice, eyes which could cause flames in the hearts of men, and hair that fingers would get lost in.... She can and will make any man fall down to their knees and submit to her ...Unlike sirens or succubus of mythology and folklore she is no myth and actually exist and lives among us...She is the goddess...the temptress...the mistress among mistresses...a beauty the thing that desires and fantasies are made of and what the male mind could only possibly conjure up from dreams... shes the un-tamable the un-corruptible only unless her one vice her kryptonite maybe present... P.B <3 =)

man that girl from last night is a little vixen!

She is so attractive that little vixen is smoking hot!

She's my Little Vixen!

by Te'shan Prince April 17, 2009
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