A blunt, usually a Swisher Sweet with cough syrup of the hydrocodone or codeine origin rubbed on it, dried, then smoked. Caramelizes as it smokes and adds a syrup flavor to the blunt. Coined by UGK.

*this idea is coined stupid by most health professionals and seen as a waste of drugs to those who are NOT trill*
Fine a lil stick of green
Lace it with that promethazine
Candy sweets, candy bitch,
you lookin' at a candy boy
I done came down main,
N hit the switch,
on my candy toy

"Wood Wheel" by UGK
by COLD CHILLIN December 21, 2011
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An expression one utters when something totally awesome happens. Usually there is a slight pause between the words "sweet!" and "candy."
Joe: "Here's some free tickets to Alice In Chains this weekend."

Cassie: "Sweet candy!"
by Robin from the Forest August 21, 2010
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Sweet Cunt Any Naive Dude Yums for.
My mouth is watering for some sweet candy tonight!
by The Sweet Candy September 27, 2003
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