(1) A popular comic book published by Gold Key Comics in 1964.
(2) A 1989 comedy that starred Fred Savage, Daniel Stern & Howie Mandel.
(3) A slang term that discribes unruly,bratty little children.
I went out to a real nice resturant to celebrate a friend's birhday the other night but a family came in with thier unruly little monsters & ruined was a special occasion for me,my family & my friends
by BruinKiller3469 March 29, 2009
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1. A nickname that Lady Gaga AKA "Mother Monster" has called her fan-base.

2. The kind of people who doesn't have any respect for other celebs, but their "Mother Monster". They do nothing but worship her feet & stick up her ass. Some of them are very online addict, like 24/7, looking for their idol's updates.

3. Another term for them as "Hyenas", animal that devour every pray(Celebrities) who stands in their only possession's way(Lady Gaga).
Little Monster #1: Omg, Adele just won many Grammy's Awards, what the hell?!
Little Monster #2: I know! I thought we're doing the right thing on the Poll Online. I made many accounts just to cheat the vote so then "Mommy" can win, I don't understand!
Little Monster #1: That fat bitch doesn't deserve those awards, only Gaga can have them, nobody else!
Little Monster #2: Hey, I have an idea, let's recruit Little Monsters & brag Adele on Twitter about her weight!
Little Monster #1: Yeah! Even though your idea is so childish & pathetic, It wouldn't matter for our "Mother Monster". It'll be so fun!
Little Monster #2: Of course, we will do anything & everything for our "Queen(?)" to accomplish, including sabotaging many pop artists who comes across to succeed.
Lady Gaga: My Little Monsters, haven't I told you about bragging every celebrities? Haven't you ever heard my words on the Campaign? Don't you guys remember, or have you forgot about that? Now bullying is a very foolish thing to do.
Me: Bitch, you haven't done nor said anything to your fan bitches, it's your fault that they're out of control. Now that you've called that shitty name, they actually take it so serious, have you ever thought about that? So, please, do the world a favor & stop this madness before they bring the Apocalypse!
by ChillxPill November 06, 2012
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