Small hidden valley west of the blue mountains in NSW Australia. Famous for nothing in particular except a mining past. Locals are creatures of habit, they wear trackidacks for days on end and dine at 'Maccas'. Their speech is slow (as is their driving) and consists mainly of old 50's Aussie slang. Bring a high powered microscope and you may catch someone working.c Most locals are found waiting ffor benefits at Centrelink..
Cenrelink lithgow speak:

* meet ya at the warehouse, we'll finally get that tracksuit pants yis afta!

* shazza, wazza and wazza are comin ova for a barbie, wanna come cobba?

* where is my tracksuit pants?!

* lets go to maccas for dinner, i wear my tracksuit pants!

* i'm wearing two sizes smaller, oneday i'll fit into it

* wheres me concession card? I hope it gets me a discount at maccas!

* six large fries, 2 cheeseburgers, 5 thick shakes.. and for my husband..

* lets drive down the main street doing 20k's, i'll bring my trackies!
by DJS1 April 24, 2006
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noun: the unfortunate condition suffered by persons whose every utterance sounds sarcastic, supercilious, or condescending
It was a compliment to say "I like your dress," it just didn't come out that way because I have John Lithgow Disease.
by Ursula Bent February 03, 2013
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