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Lissandra is a crazy overpowered witch that exists in the League of Legends. She is synonymous with cancer and cannot be stopped. The only way to minimize the horror is by surrendering because ice witch dont care.
Summoner 1 - Lissandra just threw a Q. What should we do?

Summoner 2 - Surrender!!! Freelo witch is freelo.
by sumase August 26, 2014
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Lissandra is the most beautiful and awe inspiring person you will ever meet. She is shy and reserved she holds a lot in and that makes her big breasted! she's very strong and loving. she is an animal lover and a vegetarian in most cases. she's fears nothing because God is on her side!
Dam your girls hot but she's no LISSANDRA!
by Daddy15nuts March 25, 2014
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Innocent, sweet, cute, shy, drug obsessed, kind of like a kid at first. Very VERY childish. Get to know her and she'll be the weirdest bitch around. She is obsessive and curious, loves sex. Much fun ! also very cunning and indecisive . Afraid to break your heart but not afraid to break her own .
damn boy, Lissandra is a cute ass junkie .
by Ablackguywithawhitesoul November 26, 2016
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