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An erotic sexual technique in which the female partner lies on her back with her legs apart and knees up, and her male partner kneels in front of her with his legs on the outside of her thighs, enabling his penis to be within comfortable reach of her vulva. The male partner holds his penis and rhythmically strokes the tip (glans) up and down her inner labia and over the clitoris. As stimulation and lubrication increase, conditions for mutual orgasm gradually develop. As the female partner’s orgasm approaches, she may wish to hold her labia apart to permit complete exposure of the clitoris and ensure that it is fully released from the clitoral hood. The male partner should then concentrate on gentle but firm strokes on the clitoris itself. The goal is to achieve simultaneous orgasms and ejaculation directly onto the clitoris and Inner labia, but gentle and steady strokes MUST continue until the female’s orgasm has subsided. It should be noted that the female orgasm may last significantly longer than the male orgasm. This technique carries a clear risk of pregnancy, so suitable precautions should be taken if that risk is to be reduced.

This technique is particularly popular in France, where it is known as “La vulve glissante”.
“My new boyfriend takes me to places I’ve never been before - I’d never heard of a lippy dippy before but now I’m addicted!”

“Wow - lucky you ! Wish Douglas was so adventurous! Where did Monty learn his techniques?”

“He found a copy of his parents’ well thumbed Joy of Sex book from the 1980’s!”

“Woo - that doesn’t bear thinking about!”
by Katie4eyes April 20, 2018
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