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A male to female transsexual who with the use of hormones , makeup and surgery( plus a genetic advantage by responding well to estrogen) has transformed the male body that they were born with to a drop dead gorgeous, breath taking stunning idea of feminine beauty. They're called line traps because they're soo beautiful that most men who say that they never would be with a transsexual woman would cross that line hence be trapped by her.
She was a linetrap because she was so pretty that I stopped caring that she was born a guy. I would go out with her in a heartbeat.
by Lunar Guild January 20, 2015
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A male with hormone-induced breasts, scene look.

Picture often posted on image boards for laughs, or to troll.
Chances are: if you're checking here, you got linetrapped.
by Anon-/b/ March 12, 2008
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