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Minion overlord. Can't say too much or I will feel the slap of her backhand. Graceful leader *bows*
Oh man...she is such a Linelle!
by Minion #24565 April 21, 2010
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A gorgeous girl who only deserves the best and is quite hard to get close to if you are friends with someone she does not trust. If you have a linelle as a friend then you are the most luckiest person on earth if you don’t have a linelle then you need one she will give you great advice and can sometimes help you when it comes to relationships and crushes. Linelles’ are extremely hard to find so if you have one keep her close to you and you will have a one of a kind friend. If you have her as a girlfriend you are even luckier but don’t betray her I wouldn’t want to het on her bad side if I were you.
Boy: “who is that gorgeous girl over there?”
Girl:”that’s linelle why?”
Boy:”is she single?”
Girl:”no and she has a very tight relationship with him and I wouldn’t want to get in the middle of that.”
Boy:”man that dude is one lucky fellow.”
by Best friend helper November 19, 2018
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