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Rugby player, A Terry Wogan type, One of the Cranberries, Someone from Angela's Ashes, The Rubbernbandits, Richard Harris, Willie O Dea type, or that annoying bloke who created Riverdance!
Willie O Dea, what a Limerick man, LEGEND!
by Ronan O' Dea January 14, 2011
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You're worst nightmare unless your a Limerick girl. Love drinking ,fighting hash, shagging, collecting S.T.D'S, robbing cars, knives and weapons in general. Oh and modified cars and white tackies. Idea of a posh night out: shagging the bitch in the backseat of a car
He's a byoor of aLimerick man
by Lisa Curran April 01, 2005
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scumbags of Europe, who drive around in modified cars blaring techno, and stabbing anyone who is not part of a Limerick 'gang', hence the nick name stab city. They have the worst accents in Irelad. They fight when they are drunk, play Rugby when they are hungover and fight when when they are sober. Limerick girls are worse, they drink vodka and redbull like its their job and shag like its their religion. You rarely hear the word Limerick with out the words drugs, stabbing, shooting, shagging or scumbag nacker in the same sentence. Munster rugby team may win the European Championship alot, but the city of Limerick stains them.
Limerick Nacker: 'I am going to slit your throat and piss down it!'
by James O'Shea May 04, 2005
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