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Usually an amazing friend.

She's someone who, even if you don't see for a while, you love to be around. She always tries to help if you need it, and can impart great wisdom when needed.

Someone who gets stressed/depressed sometimes, and you worry about her a lot. You know that you have to always be there for her.

Someone who has great taste in music, and loves to make people CDs.
I was super worried about my friend, so I talked to Dea, and she helped calm me down and see reason.
by Worryer March 13, 2014
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A failed attempt by the United States' government to mandate a legitimate drug policy.

A Little bit of History:
The DEA was formed in 1973 by president Richard Nixon. The primary goal of the DEA was to combat the importation and smuggling of hard drugs like cocaine and heroin. In time, the DEA became a brutal force that essentially set out to catch every drug producer, manufacturer, dealer, and user.

DEA Today:
The Drug Enforcement Administration of the United States today is responsible for the search and seizure of drugs out there in the United States. Though their intentions may be good in the eyes of some, for others they have been the cause of countless numbers of deaths of innocent people.

Another major problem with the DEA is the scheduling system that has been mandated. From a pharmacological standpoint, many illicit substances under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 have potential benefits to certain groups of individuals. Unfortunately, the DEA has some of the tightest restrictions known to mankind on these substances.

A common substance known as marijuana, is currently illegal on the Controlled Substance Act. The DEA claims a substance called Marinol has the same benefits as regular marijuana. Marinol is extremely expensive, (Upwards of $450 for a one-month supply) and contains only one cannabinoid, synthetic THC. Regular marijuana contains about 60 cannabinoids which can offer potential benefits to those with nausea, neuropathy, and HIV/AIDS related fasting.
We need to look at the Drug Enforcement Administration like this:

The DEA is a government agency that has the power to fight almost all the drugs coming into the United States of America, if the DEA does this, then they will have done their job, and they will not need as much funding. Therefore, the DEA needs to continue having a "War on Drugs", so the top officials can receive their annual bonuses and raises.

In essence, the war on drugs will never end, unless all drugs (which are mostly plant derived) that originate from plants go extinct, which is not going to happen.
by TJM91 March 16, 2009
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A government organization that has started an ongoing war with the American people. Arrests people mostly for non-violent responsible drug use like Bob who smokes weed in his living room and supports the snack food industry. "If you do drugs, you support terrorism"... but alcohol, nicotine, oxycotin, caffine... is perfectly fine!
1. Holy shit! Another "crazy" pot smoker has got the munchies and is at the 7-11, better call the DEA and throw him in prison!

2. Another drug bust (complete with machine guns and helicopters) has seized a forest of pot plants in Humboldt County. They were probably for medicinal purposes, so the DEA burned all the plants! Thank Jesus for the DEA.

3. Remember kids... Pot leads to heroin! -D.A.R.E philosophy

Truth is good...
by Booblover November 27, 2003
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AKA the Drug Enforcement Agency, A so called US law enforcement agency, however they ar ein reality Americas SS/Gestapo, the DEAs Job is to throw any non-violent and peaceful pothead into the Gulags for a non-existant "crime". while Drunks go around beating the hell outta people, crashing there cars and shooting there wives.
The DEA needs to be DE-stroyed.
by Brother Number One March 21, 2004
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Everyone is a critic, but nobody gets it right; the DEA stands for the Drug Enforcement ADMINISTRATION, not agency. It was created as a law enforcement agency in 1973 under the Department of Justice with the purpose of domestic enforcement of drug laws as well as the investigation of drug trafficing abroad.
Previous posters: "I hate the government and all its agencies so I'm going to make fun of the Drug Enforcement Agency!"

Informed respondent: "I respect your right to hold and express and opinion, but if you're going to criticize the organization, at least know what the letters DEA actually stand for."
by NoVAn November 29, 2006
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The Drug Enforcment Agency they are the people who shut down the potheads and the non violent drug dealers yall know the guy who is trying to support his family and gives him felony charges and make him do 15 plus years because he is selling weed. The guys who are clueless to know that the drug war is winless.the people who ruin people lives including their familes. A contribution to the state of out national debt. The dea are bunch of people who never and will never get any pussy or dick. Nobody respect them. All they do is get the people who has money that go up to their ceiling the people who takes your house your kids your car over a pound of weed seized in your house. The people who killed pablo escrobar,and busted tommy chong like he is a dangerous man. The dea are nothing but people who needs to eat a dick. THE DEA AKA THE PIGS THE CLUELESS THE JEALOUS!!
Fuck the (DEA). DEA SUCKS ASS!
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