The hang over that results from drinking any beer or otherwise alcoholic that is served with a lime.
Man I was wrecked last night. Now I've got Lime disease.

Too many Coronas, huh?
by k.jordan April 21, 2009
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Key lime disease, also known as Lyme ridiculosis, is an infectious disease caused by extreme narcissism and low intellect. Known to be debilitating, it affects the brain by restricting blood flow, and fully hardens the heart. The most common signs of infection are an expanding belief that everybody is coming to get you, that those who hurt you (even in insignificant ways) deserve severe harm, and the inability to not sweat the small stuff. Prevention includes: never eating limes, growing the f up, and spending time with psychiatric help. Self delusion is a hellofa drug.
Did she just say that? That's absolutely heinous! I'm no doctor, but she must have Key lime disease.
by JoMomma987 March 5, 2017
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