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(to be) When an individual has lost all independent function of their frontal lobe (the thinking, rational part) instead activating only limbic brain function (the part responsible for emotion) as a result of the incessant inundation of the multimillionaire corpulent windbag racist Narcissistic synthetically driven diatribe of Rush Limbaugh which has convinced these typically uneducated white males that they are the oppressed and robbed of their believed privileged status in society. (like Mr. Limbaugh who flunked out of every class he took), and encourages them to believe minorities, homosexuals, immigrants, Liberals, Democrats, women, young people, academia, and non-Christians have taken this status from them. These individuals also buy Mr. Limbaugh's products and refer to themselves as dittoheads believing they are part of some special club. The devotion to Mr. Limbaugh rivals Jesus Christ as Mr. Limbaugh has had some incredible legal scandals that if it were a target of Mr. Limbaugh's who had been caught committing these crimes; Mr. Limbaugh and his supporters would not let it go (i.e. Ted Kennedy and Chappaquiddick). Thus the ability of the frontal lobe to be rational in those who have been Limbaughtomized, especially when it comes to Conservative politics and Mr. Limbaugh himself seems to no longer exist.
"Bill refuses to listen to the logic surrounding access to birth control for all women and just gets angry when the subject is brought up because he's been Limbaughtomized."

"Lisa and I tried discussing gay marriage yesterday, but she went crazy pounding the table, screaming, and spewing Limbaugh talking points while refusing to hear my side; this shows she is completely Limbaughtomized."

"My grandmother told me she believes Rush Limbaugh over me and my 'Liberal agenda', all I did was tell her that his facts were inaccurate, she's totally Limbaughtomized."
by PsychRN83 August 05, 2012
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