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Lillyism is the belief that all people all created equal, and should be treated as such. Also see socialism , equality , LGBT .
Essentially following in the footsteps of Lillian Flynn, a leader of America's Gay-straight alliance club, which looks to use everyone's United strengths to remove prejudice from the world.
1. I got tired of being prejudiced against African Americans, so I started following Lillyism.

2. Honestly lillyism's platforms make a lot of sense, equality, freedom, and equal pay for men and women.

3. Lillyism. Something trump does not practice.
by PiGuy13 June 14, 2016
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one who feels that life is a wall, and you should just fuck it! no common intellegece or common sense...OR one who is just a bad ass GySgt of Marines that rates his own definition.
ex. "like water off the crack of a ducks ass!...but that's just lillyism speaking".

ex. "im fuckin this monkey round here!"
by eckersen February 27, 2008
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