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A beautiful Armenian girl. Also known as 'fire' in Armenian. She is easy to please, but if you get on her bad side, there is no way out. Very perverted, and has a nice body (boys think this, but don't admit). She loves to have fun, and hates clingy people. Being as sensitive as she is, you don't want to back stab her. Trust me. Usually has brown eyes and brown hair.
PERSON 1: Man, don't you love Lilit? She has a nice bod.

PERSON 2: Hell yeahs, I'd tap that.
by Heny the eighth June 24, 2009
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loser, monkey, big eyes, loves green, loves pandas
can be known as LILO
loves the movie hangover, is very white, looks like a small white bunny, and is allergic to human hair.
is also a firetruck
Lilit, Lilit, and Lilit
by Arthur Andersonyan June 09, 2009
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an armenian woman who thinks highly of herself. has the beauty, but as for the personality.. shes a snake. she hurts everyone around her intentionaly and doesnt care about anyones feelings but her own. she kicks people when they're down . very antisocial. is the oldest sibling and has a nice body. she has a lack of loyalty, and is very selfish. she bitches about everyone she knows behind their back, and infront of there face, she seems like an angel. she lies constantly and doesnt have many friends because of this.
lilit is probably the fakest person you can meet.
Boy 1 - "woah look at lilit"

Boy 2 - "ye, its a shame she lies through her teeth"
by thmfgfy January 01, 2011
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