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Liliana Webber is a beautiful lady coming from my point of view. You might have a different thinking but keep it to your self cause that’s rude to comment something rude. If you would like to see her Instagramn her Instagram is @weber.lili and her Snapchat is @weber_lili . I (the writer) have wanted to meet her FOREVER and it was to expensive for me to fly and I couldn’t drive. When Liliana was little her Mum and Dad liked her full name but they wanted another unique name short for Liliana and they thought Lili. So now all of her friends call her Lili. But, all of her hockey friends call her Weber. Lili plays soccer, track or softball and hockey. This year she just ended her sixth grade year and next year in the spring she has to make a choice of playing softball or track. She wants to play track cause she is a very fast runner and because she wants to excel in running but she wants to play softball to because she is a fast runner to get a home run easily and because she is the greatest catcher in my point of view. Next year she has a huge decision to make. What sport will she choose? I’m all done but make sure you look at her Instagram and Snapchat.


The Writer
Liliana Webber is a person that just finished sixth grade and going in to seventh grade.
by Grace Alllyn June 18, 2018
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