Being extremely good, bad, or anything in between at something.
Did you see Scott play?
Yeah, he was like a bear.

You reply like a bear.
Sorry mate, I've been busy.

He worked like a bear!
Yes, he was immense in midfield.
by Steve the Snake November 14, 2007
A measure of exaggeration used to express a point
Can be shortened to just 'like ten'

Last know usage was Sudbury, Canada.
I was up all night and today I'm yawning like ten bear.

Jim: Hey, did you get drunk last night?
Joe: Yeah, like ten.
by Van Def May 13, 2005
This phrase has to deal with the noises one makes when hyphy. It is ment to show the emotion of not being able to control yourself and showing how the thiz monster just wants to pop out of you and grab people. It was made to help you get into it and personally it is sexy.
-you can do it, it aint that hard, baby get dumb, act like a retard, shake ya hair, make it blow in the air, ya gotta get into it, growl like a bear...-mac dre
by T-hizz er die beezy March 22, 2007
the name given to when a male tries extremely hard, beyond acceptable levels, to pull a female.
steve was totally trying like a bear last night with stacey.
by Revon May 12, 2009
When something is so tasty and scrumptious it is best described in these words...
Lad A: well, those Nutella and bacon pancakes are so good man..
Lad B: indeed bro, like baby bear's porridge..
by roadfighter April 5, 2016
The act of fucking a partner upside down. Reminiscent of a primitive koala bear. The position allows for comedy humour and should be repeated multiple times in one sitting. Many Australian-born males are taught such a position at an ealry age when they are sent to compulsory bush school.
Antoin: Gee Leroy, I pounded that woman like a Koala bear.

Leroy: Oh, upside down and multiple times.

Antoin: Yeah, just like we were taught at Bush school.
by El Piece July 15, 2008
An old trucking term for a truck running at peak performance. If a truck is pulling like Jack the bear he is going at or above the speed limit where other trucks can't keep up.
Guy 1: "Did you see that truck flying by up the pass?"
Guy 2: "Yeah that truck pulls like Jack the bear, I wonder what he's got under the hood of that rig!"
by Trucker Jake August 19, 2022