Abusing a Facebook function where you can "like" a friend's status or wall activity.

Like raping would consist of liking at least the last 50 activity notes on any one person's profile page, resulting in a copious and rather annoying amount of activity notifications.
Michelle: I just logged on to Facebook and I had 843 notifications. What the hell is going on?
Lee: Haha, Sam must've like raped you.
Michelle: Yes he did. How annoying! Now all my important notifications are lost within this rubbish.

Faye: It's Michelle's birthday today. Are you going to bake her a cake?
Sam: No, I'm going to Facebook like rape her instead.
by Sam Cornwell June 20, 2009
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Where someone overuses the 'like' feature on Facebook only on another particular person's wall.
'Hey man, you, like, 'like' raped my wall. You're such a fag!'

Not to be confuesd with: 'I like rape'
by BabyLamb April 10, 2009
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Someone who likes rape (committing the act) or even rape fantasy. A reference to the movie Blazing Saddles in which Hedley Lamarr says "Qualifications" and the bad man responds "Rape, murder, arson and rape." Hedley Lamarr replies "you said rape twice" and the bad man says "I Like Rape" Also referenced to an episode of Chris Hansen's To Catch A Predator on Dateline NBC in which an internet predator Michael Warrecker who has the screenname canirapeyouanally chats to a 13 yo girl and shares his desire to rape or rape fantasy. At one point Chris Hansen reads back the chatlog he had with the 13 yo girl Perverted Justice decoy in which he says "i like rape" thus showing that he is a predator who wants to perform perverse sexual acts on a 13 yo girl.
Hedley Lamarr :"Qualifications"

bad man :"Rape, murder, arson and rape."

Hedley Lamarr : "you said rape twice"

bad man: "I Like Rape"
by tatadeala January 18, 2017
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This is what you do after an alcohol induced hook-up with someone unattractive.
Danny: Dude...I got with Pam last night
Eric: PAM? You mean 250 pound saggy double D Pam?
Danny: ...Yeah man...I was too drunk dude
Eric: I bet she loved it man
Danny: Dude, I was showering like a rape victim this morning.
Eric: LOL
by pwntasticoBG September 09, 2008
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