myrtle beach,SC, aka murder beach, its 1 of the hottest beach citys in the world,
yo, i b reppen tht 843,
by $!$!$ March 26, 2010
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A rising rap group. Consists of some average white boys from the 843. (area code of a lot of South Carolina). All of the members are from Mt. Pleasant(A suburb or Charleston).They started off rappin on their computer mic at home. Then got more popularity and started getting known and making little bit of money. Their rapping style is chill. They do not rap about "capping people" and "grindin in da club". It is more rappin about chillin with the bros, getting babes and drinking natty. The 843 swag team is a youtube sensation and is a local sensation at local bars and such. At this rate the team could grow to a lot more. Their newest album is "No Floors". The 843 swag team is chill.
Ryan: dude have you heard of the 843 Swag team?
Grey: Yeah they are raw, they rap about real shit.
Ford: yeah same, they are some chill dudes.
Jameson: They are about to hit it big!
Eric:No Floors is the sickest album ever!
Blaine: they are awesome. Almost everyone is South Carolina Knows. Soon Everyone will!
by GreyFordEricWojoBlaine January 17, 2011
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