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Liisa is the most beautiful person you can ever meet. She’s always positive and supporting. He has lots of friends and she loves them. She falls in love very easy, but she never tells it. She is smart, wise and don’t care about what others think. She has a sexy body and every boy wants it. She has a good style. She has her bright side, but dark side as well. If she loves someone, she shows it to everyone. If you’re lucky, maybe Liisa would date you.
Hey, i’m going out with Liisa.
Omg, with Liisa?! You’re so lucky!!!
by Bart Simphason June 13, 2018
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A piece of dirty old metal construction material that gets used and screwed on
We just need to screw on this dirty old Liisa and we're done for the day
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by Winter Roofer March 12, 2018
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