Word used to describe an inbred child that has a massive forehead.
That Drew kid is so creepy with his massive forehead.
It looks like a 'lightbulb'.
by Drew is an inbred child November 8, 2010
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To be a "third wheel" in a situation where only a couple should be together. Think of the single lightbulb in an interrogation room.
I wish Monica wouldn't be such a damn lightbulb... I want some quality time with my boo.
by Ayu September 26, 2004
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An object put into a socket to project light into a room. Lightbulbs require electricity to work.
That Lightbulb is bright
by I see I make definition February 14, 2018
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something you eat or shove up your ass. i do both.
person 1: hey can you pass me the lightbulb?
person 2: sure, what for.
person 1: i’m gonna shove it up my ass then eat it.
person 2: that’s cool man, care if i join you?
person 1: sure why not. grab you light bulb and let’s get started.
by nessasshart August 30, 2020
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A lightbulb is a person who tries to dye their hair blonde, but turns out to be yellow.
Josh Kerr, whom of which is one of those people. *sad*
by Leia November 14, 2004
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had a revelation; realized the truth/gospel/whatever; saw the light; noticed... etc.
John was struggling with his english homework when he lightbulbed on a hidden symbol.
by epeca May 21, 2009
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When you shove a lightbulb up your arse because 5 minute crafts said your poo could light it
Doctor: why is there a light bulb up your ass
Person: i was lightbulbing
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