A person under the illusion that they can become famous by broadcasting their mundane daily life using a webcam on sites like justin.tv & blogtv.com
Eric Parrey is a Lifecaster on justin.tv who's only goal in life is to become famous
by big_mickey_blue_eyes December 23, 2009
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Often times an online show acted, produced, and filmed by the main character, the lifecaster. This is like reality television but far less interesting. Many lifecasters are looking for internet fame and aim to do so through lifecasting their seemingly interesting lives.
No one wants to watch Sean sleep, I don't even know why he bothers lifecasting considering that is all he does.
by lucyandmel March 1, 2009
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Justin Kan, founder of Justin.tv, pioneered the art of Lifecasting by broadcasting his life 24/7 through the use of a laptop, an internet air card, and a webcam.
by Michael Seibel September 8, 2007
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