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A large discussion forum and gaming community that emerged after Garry (the creator of the sandbox videogame Garry's Mod) decided, on a whim, to delete a large section of his forum, FacePunch that housed a few hundred(s) active members.

It was started by Mister Tickles in an attempt to reunite the community from the deleted FacePunch forums. The attempt was successful and LifePunch has grown to house many members that post in numerous different categories containing but not limited to Gay Pride, Furry, Gaming, Arts, Hardware & Software, etc.
You go on FacePunch? Dude, all the cool kids are on LifePunch now.
by Jonas145 July 13, 2011
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LifePunch used to be a discussion forum to replace the LifeStyles & Hobbies removed from FacePunch but in late 2011, turned into one of Garry's Mod biggest communities, regularly developing and hosting very popular, custom-made gamemodes.

It was created and owned by Monkeys (Mister Tickles' new name) and developed by Monkeys and Drew along with a slew of occasional helpers.

As of February 2013, the gamemodes they have currently developed and host are DeathRun, JailBreak, GunGame, Cinema and possibly more to come.
Joe: Hey man, what server are you on?
Smith: LifePunch's Jailbreak! It's awesome!
by Erika1380 February 09, 2013
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A forum started after Gary of FacePunch decided that the lifestyle section was no more. Founded by Gay Pride member Mr. Tickles, the smaller forum at first looked to be on the track towards success, but Mr. Tickles slowly got more and more frustrated at running a community and eventually shut down after 9 months. The co-admin and forum programmer Advil0 immeadiatly started a new forum the next day, which so far has yet to have an offical name.
Did you hear about Lifepunch? It's a shame it went down so quickly.
by Mr Plinko October 14, 2011
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