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Noun. Name given to the friend of an emotionally delicate individual for their own emotional security brought on by abandonment. This perception of close friendship is merely a projection of their desires for close platonic companionship in the void of actual loved ones. "Life Friends" commonly will receive daily hugs from this individual and, traditionally, are the supplier of both alcohol and tobacco products, as chemicals are another stabilizing force in this tender individual's life.
Said in drunken stuper: "Even though I cry everyday, I'm glad to have you guys around. You guys are my life friends!"

Said in a semi-drunken stuper: "The three of us came together as life friends and formed this house of love."

Said in stone cold sobriety: "Even though we have this last cigarette, we shall smoke it together; as life friends."
by Life Friend 1 February 08, 2010
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