Douche who can't go 2 seconds without using BCD and is always ba loe da lyne.
Lickass has no e+r=o
by Trayisgay March 22, 2019
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1. When you want to get the last word in a conversation, you say "LICKASS!!," and proceed to run (or logoff IM), so you cannot hear them talk again (or so they cant type anything back).

2. The phrase Loc Dogg says, when he becomes a comedian, at the end of Don't Be Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice In the Hood.
" I jus wanna say, Fuck Y'all, Suck my dick, and uhh...LICKASS!!!" ----Loc Dog
by Endgame1320 August 2, 2010
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A person who flatters and kowtows to another in order to get ahead, or maintain current position.
That shameless lickass would do anything for a few pennies more!
by talk2me-JCH2 May 25, 2023
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a person who try's to be nice to everyone or a person who acts too good
*child* teacher i didn't do my homework

*teacher* did anyone do their homework?
*class* NO
*child no.2* yes teacher i did my homework and its great

*child no.2 looks at child no.1 and sticks his tongue and say's quietly* haha
*child no.2* shut the fuck up you lickass
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