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They may look like a normal person, but get this person in your bedroom, and they will give you a thorough dicking.

They will start will taking you out on a date to any restaurant that you desire, either being ice cream or otherwise, and touching your thighs the majority of the way back to your place. Licatas are true ass men, they will dive head first into that ass. First will strong consumption of the booty, to full penetration, either with the female bounce on man, or man bounce on the female. Then moving on over to the titties so they can a second wind to their blast. Usually, they followed with severe anal savagery. When they are near full nut explosion, their secret method is pressing in on the hips to fully bust a whole nut and have a full orgasmic experience for both parties. On average due to their large average ball size, they can create between .5 to 1 litre of pure jizz.
Girl 1 (to friend): So he is my new boyfriend, he is a Licata
Girl 2: How hard did he nut?
Girl 1: His nut gave me yellow fever. He came in my puss so hard that I started rubbing my puss on the floor, pretending to be a snail, the orgasm changed my species out right!

Girl 2: HOLY SHIT, can I borrow him for the weekend?
Girl 1:YEET *dabs autistically into snail form*
by shejan0 October 18, 2017
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