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Leydi is a girl that is very smart.Always gets in trouble for talking.She has the best friends in the world . When ur with her u feel happy.Shes also very pretty.She likes to take pictures.
❀️Friendship ❀️is that leydi
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by Emily Juarez July 16, 2018
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A name for a Cuban girl. She will tyically be a little strange, loveable though.She will never really be very predictable. She will have a strange sense of humor.
"I called you're friend the other day and pretended to be a guy, and asked him if he wanted anal sex with me" Thats a Leydis!
by licklicker September 08, 2008
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It is a very uncommon name for some people. Usually given by accident, by replacing the H with an L in Heydi. It is pronounced lady, so it is easy to poke fun at people with that name.
Guy to friend: Did you see that Lady, she is totally checking me out.
Leydi: Who me?
Guy: No wth, that lady! (points to other person)
by That one girl with the hairr October 01, 2010
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