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A tall average girl who isn’t that social but still has a lot of friends. She likes hanging out with her best friend and isn’t rude. Usually has a crush on some guys she used to know.
Him: who’s that girl over there?
You: Oh, that’s Heydi.

Him: Wow she has a lot of friends.
by Gosane November 28, 2018
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girl who is kinda an anti-social, wierd girl who always assumes as to be right but doesnt have a clue on whats really going on, trys her best but at the end of the day her best isnt always enough! also known as spaz, dumbass, and just clueless. nice girl just too much to handle!
guy 1: hey start walking away slowly.
guy 2: why.
guy 1: the heydi of the bunch is walking towards us
guy 2: oh shit, retard alert!
by junkintrunk September 24, 2008
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