The most amazing, pretty, awesome, nice, girl anyone could everr meet<3 Everyone loves her except stupid haters.:D She is always pretty and can make anyone laugh!
She has beautiful eyes and is a greatt friend<33 (: Everyone who is anyone envys her! <3 u lexie!
Oh my goodness i am so jealose of Lexie. She is so pretty and funny.. danggg i wish i could be like her!
by softball chick August 28, 2010
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lexie is a hotter way to say lexa which is short for alexa, lexie can only be used for amazing girls who are beautifull and fun to hang with. you can also put animals behind it to make it sound cooler like lexie bear, lexie cat, or lexie duck.
lets go hang with lexie, shese the best.
by therubbergymnast March 24, 2009
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Shes a stunning girl with a smile that can light up the world, shes loyal, trustworthy and always looks after others before herself. Shes had bad things doe for her but through it all she cant stop smiling, shes got an aweome sense of style and is a badass drummer, i love her music and she's the best person ive ever met. Her eyes are bright blue and make you feel as if she can see everything your thinking, she loves to make you smile and she is my sexy lexie :)
person 1- wow whose that chick with the blue eyes
person 2- ah thats Lexie bro, you go no chance (;
by Bestfriend101234 October 01, 2011
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The cutest, sweetest kid in the world! I luv u lex!
"I'm hangin with my friend today."
by the strange one December 24, 2003
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Usually a stunningly beautiful girl who loves life and has a sense of humor. Unique from any other girl you've ever met. Sometimes incites jealousy from other girls over her beauty or personality. Typically has a hot body and/or stunning face.
I wish all the girls could be Lexie's.
by Scorpiio1 December 22, 2016
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a girl with brown/blonde hair and blue/green eyes who is good at almost everything and especially sports such as athletics and netball. She is quite strong and competitive with others and sometimes can be a bit bossy. Lexie is a very pretty and sexy girl who people think is very posh and focused on school but can be quite dirty at times if you get to know her. She will talk about anything openly such as vagina's, periods, boobs, dicks, boners or anything to do with the topic. She is very talkative, has big boobs, and amazing body, amazing eyes and soft lips. Lexie is always trying to help others and is a little self centered and annoying at times but she means well.
1. Lexie's so good at everything i wish i could have her body and be like her!
2. Lexie is always making sure I'm OK and giving out advice, I wish she would just stop asking me sometimes it gets annoying.
by Delirious Oyster November 16, 2013
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