Another form of “look” A signature physical trait. Something that adds character to someone and makes them unique. You just gotta own it. Maybe a gap tooth, a big butt, a dimple, you’re really tall, you’re really short, a birthmark.
Girl 1: girl what do you think about Ashley’s bangs
Girl 2: I don’t usually like bangs, but I like them on her. It’s her lewk
by Humuhumunukunukuapua’a December 1, 2018
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When Sophia acts like a five year old at a party. It is also a Sophisticated Way to say look.
Girl: I love sophia’s New lewk.
by Patriciatthequeen September 22, 2019
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Any outfit you put a special amount of attention into constructing, potentially for an event or special occasion, usually with some sort of theme or reference you're attempting to invoke.
Oh honey, your lewk tonight is giving me 'Leanne Rimes in a hurricane'.
by djsuspence July 18, 2016
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A guy who is basically awesome in every way. On a scale of 1-10, a 12.
That guy is beyond perfect, he's a lewk.

That super hot chick will only date lewks.
by supercrash April 11, 2010
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