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The worst album ever by the Goo Goo Dolls. They hired Glen Ballard (superstar producer) to help them, but it sucked really bad. This only reaffirms that the Goos are going to hell music wise. "Let Love In" is not growth or experimentation; it's a deviation from their music style. Songs like "Name," "Iris," "Slide," "Here is Gone," and "Sympathy" had great promise; but this new album is TERRIBLE. The apparent adding of piano sucked; everything is digitalized; and any band who becomes "more adult centered" means they're desperate. RIP Goo fans; this is it unless they start smoking weed or someone dies, because they need some damn motivation.
Hey, did you get the album "Let Love In"? Well, you shouldn't have because it licks my butt and sucks on my balls.
by feah1639 July 08, 2006
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