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A lersche is an unlucky adolescent, usually between 12 and 16, who displays many or all of the worst symptoms of puberty. Although lerches often display cases of bad acne and body odor, this term is not limited to physical awkwardness. It can even include characteristics such as poor hygiene, self esteem issues, social anxiety, and emotional instability. Lersches may have trouble fitting in or making friends. As such they often develop strange habits or personalities that further qualify them as a lersche.
Person A: Hey man, want to partner up for this project?
Person B: Sorry, I already have a partner. Why don't you work with that guy? He doesn't seem to have a partner.
Person A: Oh, him? Nah man, he's a total lersche.
Person B: Really? What's wrong with him?
Person A: He sweats like mad and has dragonbreath. The smell is unbearable.
Person B: That's disgusting! I thought his only problem was that he had bad acne.
Person A: That's why you never see him talking to anybody.
by Boast of Toast September 19, 2013
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