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A "lental"

Western Australia Basically it is the word used to describe tryhard scenesters/scene kid wannabes. What's funny is most "scene kids" are lentals.
Lentals come in all shapes and sizes. You'll find many on the Internet. FACTS:

-They will wear *nerdy glasses* either thick rimmed glasses that they DON'T need, or stupid black, tacky frames. (they make glasses look lame)

-They will at some stage get a side fringe + layered hair, tease it badly and put a clip in the fringe.

-Use coloured HAIRSPRAY 13 year old ones who can't afford/aren't allowed hair dye will do this.

-They are EXTREMLY unoriginal.

-After the stages of going around saying how SCENE they are, they will deny that they want to be a scene kid *they think they are by now* and will say how much they hate lentals *they still are a lental*

-They will update their myspace status every 10 minutes saying something along the lines of; PC4PC ON DEFAULLTTT BITCHES!

-They will call themselves something like: "Rubehh.RAWR" or "Sarah.GORE"

-They look up or once did: "how to be scene"

-Will get EXTREMLY upset if you hurt their ego: this ends in deleting/blocking on mypsace, MSN, facebook etc.

-They think they're alternative. They are the most common pieces of shit you will get.

-Will get annoyed if you comment mutual friend statuses before they do.

-Say how they like pokemon and play pokemon cards and games designed for 9 year old boys (they wish they did)
Person1: did you see Emma? she's a "SCENE kid" now apparently.
Person2: Hahah here she comes now wih her badly teased hair.

Lental: Hey guys!! LOL you like BUTSECKSS LOL! I almost fell, LOL I have new skinny leg jeans on, SQUEE-! I HAVE A HELLO KITTY CHARM NECKLACE!!

Person1&2 walk away.
by Sparkleplanet October 05, 2009
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