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a person who does stuff they don't want to do but does it anyway to look cool
Jacob was being a lemon sucker when he was listening to bts
by Cheese Man 333 February 27, 2018
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1)A lesbian (lemon = clitoris)
2)Some on who sucks actual lemons (the fruit) for sexual pleasure
3)Someone with a face like a smacked arse.
1)Come here you lemon sucker.
2)What were you just doing to that lemon you lemon sucker?
3)Someone's sucking lemons today
by lesbo stewface June 14, 2006
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A man or woman who enjoys sucking a old mans penis and enjoys the sour taste of old man dick
Tim: I hear your mom was a lemon sucker
Rob: Why?
Tim: I saw her sucking some old mans lemon yesterday aka his penis dumbass
by Trippa135 August 19, 2013
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