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A person from the story "The Treasure of Lemon Brown" of whom has been underlined every single time in the text book.

Is also a very gruesome sexual act where a woman releases feces onto a mans mouth. The women then shoves a lemon colored dildo down the mans throat thus hitting his gag reflex and inducing vomit onto the woman's bare chest as they get each other off. The man cums onto the girls chest, and then proceeds lick up the mixture.
"I'm Lemon Brown." "Pedophile!"

"Today were reading about Lemon Brown!" "You read porn in literature??" :O*Gasp* "I want to be in that class!"
by Sarah!Think of a username! March 06, 2010
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someone who looks like little bear but has real big muscles (mainly from steroid use).
Gary: hey dude lets invite the new kid to the party.

Frank: nah, I heard he's a lemon brown.
by don t rap April 15, 2009
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