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See above. Also, the greatest fucking comic and/or photojournalistic essay about these here modern times ever assembled.
Example: CONSUMER ALERT: Are our Christmas Time Suicide Balloons safe?
by JerGoertz March 12, 2004
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A virtuosic masterpiece of a photocomic created entirely by the sole efforts of cartoonist Tristan Farnon. Formerly accessible online at, but suddenly and without explanation retired in November of 2003, much to the dismay of many readers. The comic series revolved around the exploits of a menagerie of vaguely anthropomorphic and cheery-looking plastic bendy rabbits, dogs, giraffes, polar bears, lions, cats, pigs, and humans leading horrific lives of hopelessness and despair. The photographed images of the toy animals were seamlessly superimposed over photographs of real locations, creating the image of giant, looming animal-people operating in the human world, establishing a decidedly surreal and creepy aesthetic.

The characters seemed to spend most of their time stealing, beating, murdering, fornicating, shooting pornography, shitting their pants, smoking weed, butt-raping, molesting children, and, most of all, masturbating and committing suicide. The tone was set by long stretches of quiet resentment of everything punctuated by short bursts of sadistically hilarious and impossibly over-the-top bloodshed and violence. Aggressive use of a wide and colorful vocabulary for describing male genitalia also abound.

Leisure Town was one of the most amazingly horrifying and hilarious comics ever created.
We want Leisure Town back!
by anonymous January 02, 2004
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