(n) The privileged wealthy elite who spend their time traveling to far away places and engaging in conspicuous leisure. Wealthy tourists who engage in extreme sports, for example skiing, snow-boarding, rock-climbing, mountain-biking, river-rafting, etc.

A theory first conceived of by economist Thorstein Veblen in 1899 in his treatise The Theory of the Leisure Class, Veblen further details how working class people try to emulate the Leisure Class and idolize them to their own detriment.
Moab, Park City, Aspen and Vail have become infested with leisure class parasites who want to reform small towns into the image of whatever wealthy "progressive" communities they fled from.
by Leisure Class Hero November 30, 2009
A unique sub-genre of {trustafarians} whose lives revolve around recreating in their adopted ski towns within the Rocky Mountain region. Highly privileged with inherited wealth and good looks, they live a life of recreation and leisure centering around overpriced gear, Sprinter vans, and Breweries. If they work it is at a non-profit which their parents donate heavily to, all this is done for {virtue signaling} reasons on social media. Their money gentrifies these communities and drives the working class to satellite communities. Having a worldview so myopic and self centered, their idea of an injustice is not being able to ride their bike exactly where they want. Dog poop on the trail is the most difficult thing any of them will have to deal with today. Their life has been so easy they have to make recreational challenges to add a feeling of consequence and challenge to an otherwise consumptive existence of vanity and social networking with members of their same economic class. Contact with members of the working class is limited to when their vehicle, otherwise known as their play chariot, needs new tires. Moving quickly from recreation bubble to recreation bubble and remaining ignorant to current events, the RMRLC can maintain their whimsical and fantastical vision of an adult playground complete with toys of unlimited excess. A reality where adrenaline mixes with copious amounts of THC and a topper of craft microbrews from their trustfund friends brewery.
If a tree fell in a forest and a Rocky Mountain recreational leisure class individual was not there to ride on top of it with a titanium endowed piece of equipment, did that tree actually fall?
by blixdick June 13, 2019