A goddess. A woman of love and honor above reproach. One destined to be a mother and grandmother for all her nurturing and love has no bounds.
Some day, I want the greatest woman in the world. Oh, then you just need a Leisa.
by Ambien Dreams February 3, 2010
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An extremely attractive women who is also caring, protective of her home, won't take no shit from noone, is very generous and loves her family! Outgoing and amazing.
Man 1- That Leisa man she is gorgeous! How I'd like to tap that....
Rick- Don't be talking bout my women that way!
by Ashley V. June 27, 2008
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Y’all heard of Leisa
That bitch fuckin’ crazy
by Hickory Stump November 11, 2018
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Leisa is a boomer. She is a Karen at all sources
Ugh, Have you seen her! She’s such a leisa
by mynameisbetty January 2, 2020
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See~ Gold digger in urban dictionary. Her face is there.

Or to summarise; like a hooker only smarter.
She's gotta another man on the hook doing the dirty leisa to him.
by Sookilala January 14, 2017
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