Leilani is that one girl who has mommy miller’s.
Hey look at Leilani’s boobs
“Hey man, stop looking. But I know she has knockers
by leilani 😂🤣‼️ May 02, 2021
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Leilani is a badass, and will kill you if you hurt her friends. She is beautiful but she denies it. She will make you laugh, but she always has something to cry about. She always needs comforting, if you know what to say. Overall, Leilani is a great friend, you’ll be lucky to have her in your life.
Human 1: Woah, who’s that?

Human 2: Leilani, watch out, she’ll smack talk you.....And smack you.
by Sad bread August 06, 2020
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First, this is a girl who looks themself up on the urban dictionary. Says they will fight you when they wont.
Leilani: i will fight you
They saw you the next day and they did not fight you.
by NotYourFriendBOZO May 24, 2021
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Leilani is a very cool kid and does cosplay when bored. Is best friends with certain people who shall not be named. But the only one that can be named is Zhearah, which is the TPN editor. Leilani also edits or play Friday Night Funkin when she is bored.

P.S. Leilani is probably wondering how I know all these facts about her.
Girl 1: Have you seen Leilani's recent cosplay video?
Girl 2: Wait isn't it that Mikan_shootsfor_thestars?
Girl 1: Yeah! Are you dumb?
via giphy
by Fortnitekid... May 10, 2021
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