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Perhaps the most beautiful name any woman can have. She is smart, funny, compassionate, tolerant, honest, trustworthy, and amazingly gorgeous. She puts up with so much and she is extremely loved for it. She is the bestfriend anyone could ask for. She is supportive of her friends and family. She tends to keep things to herself though, but eventually, if she trusts you, she might tell you anything. She doesn't trust easy though. It takes alot of work to earn that trust, but once you have it, you'd better not screw it up. Once you lose her trust, it's over. She's the girl you can tell absolutely anything to. She is easy to talk to and she will listen. She is such an amazing woman, and any man that is lucky enough to have her will have attained a heaven on earth state. She also has people very protective of her though, so if you hurt her, or break her heart or cause her to cry, you will pay. She has a very protective brother! In short, she is the most amazing woman and friend there is, and you couldnt ask for anymore than that. It is a true blessing to know her and be her friend, and to be loved by her.
Leilan is the perfect woman.
by Raphael Maze July 22, 2010
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