A term typically used to describe the platform "Roblox" due to its lego-like qualities.
Are you guys causing drama about a lego game again?
by Commieblocks April 25, 2021
A short term that people use to describe Roblox as a childish game made out of bricks that look like legos because they hate it
Person: Hey it’s the new game roblox and I found some hacks

Person 2: Imagine exploiting in that lego game

Person: That is not a lego game that is roblox!

Person 2: Roblox looks like legos everywhere so it is a lego game and you use hacks in that game

Person: >:(
by Qwertyytrewqss November 26, 2021
Lego Pokemon Game refers to Pokemon Lego Sets. That's it. That's the entire page.
Hey, I just finished my Lego Pokemon Game!
Cool, what Set was it?
It was the one with Charizard and Pikachu.
You're no longer my friend.
by Woomyism April 8, 2021