Stupid prat who plays the trumpet and looks like a lamp post, he likes to eat fudge and licks hayden out
blar blar blar blar blar blar blar blar blar
by Samuel Horan April 26, 2005
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a slightly altered version of the word "legit", but even better; meaning cool, awesome, sweet; the act of being legatamate; hung
Ah! Legat!

Ah! A watahpahk! Legat!
by Vinny Hung May 16, 2006
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A legat is a legit hat. Legit hats are flat rims.
I got it from Bethany and Alyssa. Their legats are so cool.
by coolperson1234567 April 21, 2011
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The action of participating in classes and/or school activities, to get a money-orientated scholarship.
Person 1: "Are you skipping math to drink with us today?"
Person 2: " Nah dog, i'm on Legat-jagt"
by Guffeman October 12, 2023
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