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-a hug using the legs. usually occurring because one cannot or does not have the use of his or her arms. the leg hug is performed while in air rather than sitting down, in which case, would make the leg hug akward. the ideal leg hug is one that is performed while being lifted by another person, and hugging another across the room. the use of arms and legs at the same times makes it a backpack hug and thus is not acceptable.
"Hi John"

"Hi Jane"

*John motions for Bob to come over and lift him into the air and then proceeds to hug Jane with his legs thus giving a Leg Hug*

"Long time no see"
by Dr.Thunder April 22, 2009
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A festival survival mechanism that originated at Electric Picnic, Co Laois, 2011. Based on the mantra of YOLO, a leg hug promotes the transference of heat from one FOMO to another to maximise drinking time & ensure no one misses out. Plans to extend leg hug training to Arctic explorers are under-way for 2012.
Jomo I need a leg hug stat!!!! .......Ooooh thats better - lets party!!!
by The original JOMO October 17, 2011
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When a woman wraps her legs around you during sex
Hey, Sally...Mike hasn't had any in a while . He could really use a leg hug.
by Mo12771 November 25, 2015
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A hug in which your legs are intertwined together and you squeeze tight. Usually done while sitting across from one another in a public space like a restaurant.
Since we're having an affair, gimme a leg hug while we share this ice cream.
by piratetink February 06, 2008
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