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Those on the "Left" exhibiting actions, stances, and tactics characterized by the Right. The Leftish are typically found advocating for war, corporatism, intelligence agencies, mass-surveillance, censorship, xenophobia, or other CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, New York Times talking points. Leftish are composed of elites who knowingly create propaganda and the populace who uncritically consume propaganda, with the former preying on the latter's desire for confirmation bias. The Leftish ranks have grown due to emotional investment in the Democratic Party, the First Black President, or the First Woman President and their "classy" repackaging of policies from the Right. Leftish politics are rooted in narcissism and often lack depth, so they're often eviscerated by those more informed and honest than them. This infuriates the Leftish, triggers cognitive dissonance, and fuels animosity toward the Left. The Leftish can be found resurrecting McCarthyism, both as therapy for Trump Derangement Syndrome and as a tactic for silencing and censoring dissenting viewpoints from the Right and especially from their Left. The Leftish have #Resistance hashtags and their clarion call is to resist Trump at all costs, focusing on the symptom of widespread corruption while ignoring the underlying systemic disease that created it. To spot the Leftish in the wild, look for cars that cut you off in traffic while unironically displaying a Coexist bumper sticker next to an Obama/Clinton bumper sticker.
"I was called a Russian Operative for not wanting to escalate into war with a nuclear superpower based on accusations that aren't backed by evidence! Can you believe it?

What did you expect from the Leftish?"
by Opposable.Thumbs.2 February 21, 2018
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