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A drunk redneck University town. Where the biggest attraction is the annual Autumn Leaf Festival and the newest attraction THE SUPER WALMART. Where all the redneck teen converge after 10pm to walk around and DO NOTHING. Where everyone who is anyone has met DEB, graduated from Clarion Area High School, attend or attended Clarion University, and now are one the shirtless and 300lbs list. Residents of Clarion Co. will live there work there and die there while hating in the process.
Local teens and most of the 20 crowd enjoy smoking weed and drinking in the closest wooded area, corn field, or parents basement.
Everyone is catholic, christian, or Zion and are narrow minded SOB's who enjoy square dancing and hitting up the ol' Moonshine.
"Hi, I'm from Clarion."
response->"Oh My Fucken God." and then run in terror.
by BryanOKYZACH August 13, 2005
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